In La Miranda we encourage and guide towards different means of communication  from a very young age.

Our Year 6 students have planned, designed, illustrated, written, edited, published, marketed and sold their very own Choose Your Own Adventure book “What’s your story?”. From the initial design and first draft to the final publishing and advertising, the connexion to the world around them is present and visible throughout the learning process. 

As an interdisciplinary, global and yearly project, all learning areas are involved, from Maths when calculating the cost of publishing and the amount raised for charity, to Art and design, Digital Skills, and languages. 

The use of technology has made this project come to life:

  • Communication, interviews with authors and publishers from all over the world by FaceTime.
  • Creating illustrations and sketches for the book using Sketches.
  • Pages and Keynote for writing and editing.
  • Garageband for recording and editing the audiobook.
  • Schoolwork: collaborative workflow.
  • Showbie: learning management platform
  • Use of Safari and Typeform to create their own online shop to sell the book. All money goes to charity: Ghanas de vivir
  • Use of social media to advertise their book #whatsyourstory
  • Family and school collaboration creating videos with iMovie and Clips.

Ghanas de Vivir“, an NGO directed by one of our amazing teachers, will invest the money in hiring teachers for the students at Liberty School, Sarpeh (Ghana). The aim is to sell 160 books, which would raise enough to hire two teachers for a whole school year at Liberty School in Ghana.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact at isupport@lamiranda.eu.