Love, enthusiasm and solidarity leading by example are the basis of the foundations of our global, multilingual and quality educational model. With over fifty years of history, our heritage has been achieved thanks to our team, made up of students, families, teachers and professionals, committed to knowledge, innovation, research, internationalization, academic excellence and the comprehensive education of children and young people, from birth to university.

In our school, students learn how to think for themselves as well as how to live and love the world around them. We learn critical thinking, to raise awareness and share global values. We actively work with families to offer multilingual, cutting-edge training with international projection. Our mission is to train people in all areas, beyond academic learning, as well as to promote their human, emotional, physical, intellectual and social skills in order for them to become happy people who are aware of their values and of their social responsibility. In this way, they will have more opportunities, be able to think critically, have freedom of choice as they will be trained in different environments and cultures.

That is why in La Miranda we believe that cultural diversity and multilingualism are the first step towards excellence. We have a solid multilingual educational project that encompasses three main languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and four second languages (French, Mandarin Chinese, German and Russian). This program allows our students to access several international certifications. Our pedagogical system, committed to innovation, consolidates each stage with cutting-edge and proven methodologies. We promote early stimulation, multiple intelligences, habits and thinking, communication, social, self-management and research skills to reach full human and intellectual maturity. At the end of their studies, our students easily pass the University Entrance Exams: 90% have access to their first choice of studies and enroll in prestigious universities. I am very proud to run a school where children feel truly loved and where they are offered all the opportunities in order to develop to their full potential.